Services we offer

E, D & P Consulting

Technical and general consultancy in Exploration, Development and Production in the upstream. The company handles interests in Nigeria oil blocks, mapping out prolific blocks in the Onshore, Shallow Marine and Deep-water environments for potential pursuit and capture; carries out block evaluation with leads identification and development into drillable prospects, assets/fields or marginal field evaluation, economic analysis and final acquisition of interested assets.

Sub Risers And Umbilicals

With Crexobas you get End-to-end integrity for subsea projects. Thanks to our expertise and experience in SURF markets (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines), Crexobas develops and delivers the highest standards for seamless pipes to address extreme environments: improved tube performance, enhanced weldability and better resistance to corrosion.
Crexobas services are tailored to bring value beyond the pipe and support the increasing complexity of offshore operations.

Rig, Jack and Semi submersibles

Crexobas has a proven track record in the engineering, supply and delivery of semi-submersible rig equipment and packages. Through a seamless turnkey approach, Crexobas builds complete jack-up rigs and provides a complete cantilever and drill floor package which includes the cantilever and drill floor structure, drilling equipment, cranes, solids control system, power package, rig control and drive package, BOP stack and handling and pipe handling system.
Crexobas dedication to utilizing leading-edge technology in its equipment, creates a high product performance and unparalleled advantages. We provide highly efficient, flexible services, and cost-competitive solutions to clients through combining experienced engineers, innovative technology, and best practices.

Vessel Charter

Crexobas Charter Team can find the precise vessel, in the exact position, at the correct time to help you get your cargo to its final destination. In order to do this successfully and cost-efficiently, chartering knowledge and constant information gathering are required.  Our global staff of vessel brokers, and the relationships we have built over the decades we have been in business, allow us to deliver unsurpassed vessel chartering service.
The first step to fulfilling a successful charter is to understand our clients’ needs.  We take the time necessary to learn your goals in order to find the best solution.


We specialize in Manpower Placement and Support which cuts across the oil and gas industry value chain, through exploration, asset development-drilling and reservoir management, and production, including the development of production facilities, refining, primary distribution and terminalling. We are able to supply multi-discipline project teams cutting across all these areas depending on the phase of client projects.
We guarantee rapid turnaround time, from the initial identification of Client’s specific search need, to actual placement of contractors on the work site.
Beyond hiring and placement of personnel, we provide cost effective support services such as Accommodation and Hoteling, Immigration and Consular services, Travel and ticketing, Transport and Meet and Greet Services, Medical Registration and Evacuation, Administrative and other forms of logistic support which helps to optimize the overall cost of personnel to client projects, helping them to maintain the critical resourcing balance on projects at the very best prices.

Project Management

Crexobas Projects supports its customers with specialized project management solutions throughout the lifecycle of each project. Depending on the client’s or project’s needs, we offer a comprehensive range of added value services.

Other services

  • Technical specification and deviation review to given standards/norms
  • Product development and quality¬†advice
  • Facilitate Kick-off meetings
  • Technical specification and deviation review to given standards/norms
  • Technical (bid) clarifications
  • Technical QC inspections
  • Technical queries & professional claim¬†management and support
  • Third party inspection by independent agencies
  • Additional testing (destructive & non-destructive)
  • Full inspection at mill
  • Visual & random inspection at stockyard
  • Pre-shipment inspection at quay
  • ISO quality process management
  • Hot works (cutting, bending, welding)
  • Shot blasting & priming
  • Storage & warehousing
  • Special project marking
  • Consignment project stocking
  • Multiple transport solutions: sea, land, air
  • DDP deliveries to project sites
  • Proactive expediting / release of materials
  • Custom clearance
  • Import / export shipping documentation
  • Project qualification documentation (MPS, ITP, WPS / PQR, etc.)
  • Final vendor data book: certificates, welding data, test reports
  • Extensive project administration
  • Document control systems
  • Contract & risk management